Solar energy has transformed from a fringe interest of the environmentally aware to a viable and economical option in new home construction and renovation. With more people turning toward solar to reduce their carbon footprint, become energy independent and save money, many companies are coming up with competitive pricing models, providing equipment, installation services, maintenance service and an exceptional experience at a lower cost.

Consequently, the price keeps dropping, making solar power more accessible to a broader population. However, homeowners need to partner with a service provider that offers flexible financing options, leading system technology, and faster timelines to reap maximum benefits from solar energy. Delivering exactly the same is Infinity Energy, a solar power company. The company focuses on adding value to the customer by providing homeowners a cost effective sustainable way to power their homes. In addition to offering residential solar power systems, they provide roofing and battery storage services to customers.

Infinity Energy uses a combination of people, process, and technology while serving its clientele. A team of professionals that includes experienced leaders, technicians, engineers, and sales executives go above and beyond to make their projects successful. Infinity Energy has been obsessed with looking at its existing processes and improving them to create maximum value for the customer. As such, the company incorporates lean six sigma manufacturing principles into its processes, including value stream alignment. Moreover, by applying automation to proposal preparation, design, and engineering, the company works smarter, not harder.

To deliver the projects in record time, they have deployed a digital platform called Touchstone, used for project management and funding. Moreover, using CAD automation, the company reduces manual labor and completes designs faster with a higher degree of quality. By reducing manual labor, they have improved their project delivery times significantly. “We deliver over 75% of the projects within 29 to 45 days, the other 25% have main panel upgrades or other challenges. We have leveraged technology to automate processes as much as possible,” mentions Yan Purba, CEO of the company.

The company comes with a seamless onboarding process. Prospective clients start engaging with them by communicating through a web portal. In order to prepare proposals without delays, the company makes use of an automated process. The process also enables sales executives to stay with homeowners to consider their requirements and help them save money. After communicating extensively with the client, the company adopts a three-tiered approach to project implementation based on project milestones. The first milestone marks the beginning of the project; the company kicks off the project by signing the contract with the customer.
Cory Gilbert, Chief Strategy Officer

Subsequently, the company moves on to their second milestone, during which they complete the installation. They are launching a mobile application to update the client on project status. After this phase, the company moves to its final milestone, which involves documentation, quality assurance and provisioning. As most utility companies require a review before interconnecting the solar power system with the grid, the company completes necessary documentation related to QA on time.

We deliver over 75% of projects within 29 to 45 days, the other 25% have main panel upgrades or other challenges. We have leveraged technology to automate processes as much as possible

In one instance, a homeowner from Bakersfield, CA, approached Infinity Energy for their services. The California solar mandate required the homeowner to build a solar power generation unit as a source of electricity. After stepping in, Infinity Energy came up with a proposal that matched the client’s budget. As the client approved the proposal, Infinity Energy started working on the project immediately and completed it in just 45 days. The client was delighted with their customer support post installation. “When we say that our key differentiator is excellent customer experience, we can substantiate our claim by sharing the metrics and testimonials,” mentions Cory Gilbert, Chief Strategy Officer at Infinity Energy. The company’s overall customer ratings have never fallen below four stars.

Although the company’s major markets are California and Texas, they are expanding their business to Nevada and Idaho. They are also strategically partnering with new sales partners and installation firms to grow their business further. Moving ahead, the company plans to be a part of America’s carbon neutrality and sustainability initiatives. They plan to achieve this by expanding their footprint to more markets and focusing more on delivering residential solar projects with efficiency and exceptional customer experiences.