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Top 10 Energy Storage Solution Companies - 2021

Without a doubt, 2021 is going to be a crucial year for the utility sector. The influx of innovative technologies in this sector is now catalyzing the digital revolution faster than ever. At the same time, many peripheral components of the utility industry, like energy storage, are currently taking the center stage. It is estimated the rate at which energy storage systems were previously being installed will more than double and surpass 10GW in total installed capacity in 2021.

The popularity of energy storage solutions is also creating interest among many technology leaders. Their induction into the market is setting the stage for a new generation of smart energy storage solutions driven by AI, ML, and IoT. Due to the integration of AI and ML, such energy storage solutions can also be proactively monitored and serviced without any disruption. On the other hand, many technology leaders are also augmenting storage solutions with blockchain technology to further improve the end-user experience. These blockchain-enabled energy storage systems are forming the base components of more efficient energy-as-a-service (EaaS) infrastructures.

At this juncture, there is a variety of energy storage solution providers available in the market that caters to the different business use cases. To help organizations choose the energy storage solution providers that best fit their requirements, Energy Tech Review has compiled a list of the top 10 energy storage solution providers. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Energy Tech Review’s, “Top 10 Energy Storage Solution Companies – 2021.”

    Top Energy Storage Solution Companies

  • Infinity Energy is a solar power company. The company focuses on adding value to the customer by providing homeowners a sustainable way to live better. In addition to offering residential solar power systems, they provide home construction and roofing services to customers. Infinity Energy makes use of a combination of its people, process, and technology while serving their clientele. A team of professionals that include experienced technicians, engineers, and sales executives goes above and beyond to make their projects successful. Infinity Energy has been obsessed with looking at certain processes and improving them to install faster and create maximum value for the customer

  • Stat-X aerosol fire suppression fixed systems provide safe and superior aerosol fire suppression with significant reductions in weight, space, and maintenance. Most containers and cube-style enclosures are designed to maximize the battery density for greatest energy storage and output; thus floor space is limited or non-existent in many structures. The Stat-X system design enables clients to mount the device(s) directly to the ceiling or walls, easily fitting into these tight spaces. Additionally, due to their fast response time, and low fire extinguishing concentration, Stat-X fire suppression systems may be used in critical applications across a wide range of industries

  • Storz Power is leveraging technologically-empowered solar panels, batteries, and inverters to customers that provide convenient and environmentally-friendly ways to gain greater control and access over essential appliances. At its core, Storz Power believes in doing more with less. Instead of embracing the legacy processes that calls for large investments to stack systems so as to provide energy supplies for larger ranges, the company, at the behest of its AI+ suite, takes a different route. It rather makes effort towards protecting and making the existing energy systems last long than replacing it with higher ranges of batteries. Typically, Storz Power cuts down the expense of buying bigger inverters/batteries by effectively reducing the energy usage peaks and better handling energy consumption

  • The Coretec Group’s Cyclohexasilane (CHS) has the chemical properties necessary to enable the silicon anodes needed to meet the demands for energy density, cycle life, and faster charging times. The company’s flagship product is CHS. It is a liquid silicon precursor that has incredible benefits in any application where silicon is needed. Some benefits include better yields, faster depositions, higher purity silicon structures, and lower temperatures. All of which are needed to obtain high-quality films, dielectric layers, and nanostructured materials for next-generation devices

  • Watts Battery is a smart, portable energy storage that combines all the functionalities of an extensive, stationary energy storage system in one transportable case and has the potential to monetize the green energy surplus generated by a household

  • LS Energy Solutions

    LS Energy Solutions

    LS Energy Solutions is a pioneer in energy storage with a proven portfolio of storage solutions

  • Nanoramic Laboratories

    Nanoramic Laboratories

    Established in 2016 to extend the use of nanomaterials into new markets, Nanoramic® Laboratories is the exclusive designer, manufacturer, and licenser of Neocarbonix™ electrodes, Fastcap® Ultracapacitors and Thermexit™ thermal interface gap filler pads

  • NextEra Energy

    NextEra Energy

    NextEra Energy is the world’s largest utility company which has been recognized often for its commitment to corporate responsibility and operational excellence

  • Powin Energy

    Powin Energy

    Powin is a global leader in cost-effective, safe and scalable battery energy storage systems helps to lead the sustainable transformation of the outdated electric grid through increased renewables penetration, non-wires alternatives, and power decentralization

  • Stem


    Provides complete turnkey services for both front of meter (FTM) and behind the meter (BTM) storage projects for businesses, developers, and utilities

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